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The media lost many buckets of muck when he became a “martyr”.: "here we see the hapless mother elephant has wandered into a nest of robbing, snacky negroes.In minutes, she is reduced to hambones and gristle. The atomic bombings (Hiroshima, Nagasaki) killed approximately 170,000 people. Fire bomb raids on Tokyo killed more than 200,000 in a single night. Mr Shey: These were placed outside the homes and businesses of Japan and the various islands of the pacific during the US occupation of the same area, these were to show the US soldiers as monsters; it, unfortunately, worked and many of the islanders would actually kill themselves because of the Japanese brainwashing techniques.They don't really even want us to convert, like "moderate" muslims ( liars ) wish. And it'll happen Anonymous: Go To Encyclopdeia Dramatica and view the You Tube vid " This vid explains why it sucks to live in a Muslim country " and understand why you are ALL going to be affected negatively by an eventual ruling Islamic State in YOUR country. Anonymous: At least Christians don't go around killing non believers.No one is going to bomb them into oblivion, we have already lost. Oh, wait, during the inquistion, 8 MILLION PEOPLE were tortured to death by the Catholic church after being accused of witchcraft and heresy.: Hmm, sppose the islam does 'win' and is thaught in all nations, then i will give it about 200 years for its value to be reduced as chatolism is reduced in western states.Thus a global awareness will call for elections and a more free way to live as an individual wich will end up reducing religion in importance day by day.This has been the downfall for the thousands of religions before, t.b.c.: this will for certain be the downfall for future religions untill science (and this is an inevitability) comes with the undenyable evidence that a 'god' does not exist.It was pages from a koran and he fell to his knees and started crying saying i defiled it. Those sandniggers have no education, no assets and no hope. Anonymous: American wooden houses, cheap housing for the poor, needs to be rebuild every time the wind comes.

it isjust that when people say PSYCHO I want to lrn2act-liek-Anthony Hopkins Anonymous: The lucky ones: American children aboard the SS Jean Lafitte, bound for the US with internees freed from a Japanese internment camp in the Philippines, gather around Pendleton ...

Anonymous: @Rubber G; LOL, obviously that's what your governments wants you to think, since they're only showing you pictures of earth ith USA in the middle... spin it around and something else will be in the middle... IMO there is nothing wrong with that, it's just a way to keep things in order, like a catalog. You must be one of them new age bullshitters, who simply refuse to see that there is a difference.: Yeah, naked kid tits, who cares?

I'll bet you they're using other pictures of earth in China Anonymous: 0174: No, that's a species of Earth living animals. Do you ever notice how Americans look so different circa WWII~ish? : sorry, Bro, I consider Psychopat to be a derogatory nickname that people who be haetin on me say all the tiem...

We won't discuss, better listen to us when we screem and yell our rant! they do make an exception for kebabs/goats though..

probably because they otherwise would marry the goats Anonymous: Funny story.

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