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He is passionate about all things tech and knows the Internet and computers like the back of his hand.I administer a couple of dozen Windows machines, all of which are in a domain. More and more frequently a popup appears prompting me (or even start download without prompt!! When I proceed it shows the progress bar and downloads the package and installation started until the "done" button is shown.

Some power browser updates, other may retrieve certificates or verify if a page is malicious or not.You can click on the more link for instance in the add-on manager to display the author's description.This feature checks for updates to those information.~~ So I need to disable autoupdate on each of these machines.The problem is that I need to do it once PER MACHINE.If it cannot identify a file using the local list, it queries Google's Safe Browsing service by sending metadata to get a verdict on the download.You may disable this feature on the about:config page by setting browser.Rep URL to a blank value.The first checks for updates and downloads them if available, the second checks a site you are about to visit online against the most recent database.Mozilla notes that existing Google cookies may be sent in the second case.: Mozilla maintains a blocklist that lists malicious extensions as well as extensions that cause issues in the browser, for instance by consuming a lot of memory or causing stability issues.If you disable the check, blocked extensions may be run in Firefox which may put your system at risk.

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