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It’s varied and interesting, and doesn’t have that “typical” granite/marble look. On the product’s website, the official position is that the surface isn’t recommended for kitchens – it’s usually used on bathroom vanities and showers.

But I didn’t let that thwart me because I’m a rebel and a middle child and nothing is absolute in life.

At the Lodge, we finally decided on this marble aggregate product after an endless back-and-forth about what to put on the baking island.

It’s a product made from chunks of reclaimed marble countertops held together by a binding material.

To be able to fling vegetables all over the place and chop them wherever they are without having to retrieve a separate cutting board from under the cabinet…well, let’s just say it makes cooking and prep work so nice.

CONS: One of the obvious cons to butcher block is that the surface is porous and there are mixed opinions about whether cutting meats on the surface is hygienically a good idea.

(Here’s a video of my mother-and-law shopping for the countertops.

You’ll get to see a lot of slabs.) VERDICT: So far I love the engineered marble.

I’m bringing it up to the front today, both to share with those who missed it the first time and to update my thoughts on each material since I’ve had a chance to use each and every one for over a year now.But I think if you wash the surface with hot, soapy water after each use, it should be fine.Also, I’ve heard that cleaning it once a month with a wipedown of bleach keeps the surface more sterile.The extra time we took trying to figure it out was worth it.Today I’m going to recap the different countertop surfaces that I’ve known and loved—some are at the Lodge, and some are at our house—and give you the pros and cons of each one.I’ll start with the countertops I have at home, then cover the ones at El Lodge-bo. So I’m probably not the most discriminating authority on the subject.GRANITE We have granite countertops around the perimeter of our kitchen at home.Once a month or so I scrub it up with Bar Keeper’s Friend and it makes it look gorgeous.It was cheap, and I wound up liking it even more than the granite.Still others content that wood naturally disinfects itself—lots of different approaches!After a year-plus of cooking and using this countertop, we’re all still alive and kicking.

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