How are attractiveness and dating relationships correlated

Past studies have produced contradictory results on this point, the authors say. The researchers still stand by the “market” explanation — that in an environment where people compete for the best mate, they will tend to end up with someone with relatively similar characteristics to themselves.

However, when the people get to know each other first, perhaps by being friends of friends, or studying at the same school, they learn unique information about other characteristics that may influence someone’s desirability — and thus form an opinion of their partner that is different from the pack.

In real life, of course, it’s also a source of pain for some couples, who may be hurt and embarrassed to hear that their partner “could do so much better than you.” While there are all kinds of variations within partners, mixed-attractiveness couples do go somewhat against the grain.The study's psychologists, from the University of Texas at Austin and Northwestern University, asked 167 heterosexual couples how long they had known each other and whether they were friends before dating, and had a third party rate each person's attractiveness.They found that heterosexual couples who were friends before they dated were more likely to be rated at different attractiveness levels.Examining high school yearbook photos from the 70s and 80s, two female coders rated men based on facial attractiveness.Researchers then used to determine the marital status of the subjects, finding that those who were divorced were, on average, rated more attractive than the married men. Error Banner.fade_out.modal_overlay.modal_overlay .modal_wrapper.modal_overlay [email protected](max-width:630px)@media(max-width:630px).modal_overlay .modal_fixed_close.modal_overlay .modal_fixed_close:before.modal_overlay .modal_fixed_close:before.modal_overlay .modal_fixed_close:before.modal_overlay .modal_fixed_close:hover:before. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_input. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_spinner. In short, do beautiful people have more divorces and shorter relationships?Researchers conducted four studies to examine the correlation between relationships and physical attractiveness.For couples who knew each for more than nine months before they started dating, the researchers found no significant correlation in their attractiveness.The study also showed no correlation between the couples’ similarity in attractiveness and their relationship satisfaction.

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