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inexperienced people on their own for the first time in their lives, discovering themselves,’ Vrangalova told online magazine Nerve.

‘The sex (including casual sex) those people have in that environment has to be different from the sex people have as they get older and more experienced.’ What’s more, up to 80% of those on campus ‘have had some sort of a non-relationship-based sexual encounter…

Who's the hottest, who's the drunkest, which one is the most likely to let you put your hands in her pants.

Rank the girls in priority from "Plan A" to "Plan C" (three options is usually best).

let's find somewhere quite." If she comes with you without hesitation... The second comfort building location should be somewhere quite and private where you can hopefully move on to the "making out stage." But a bed room is not your ideal place. At this point she might show some token resistance in order to not feel like a slut.

A lot of people are doing it.’tendency towards or away from casual sex, determined by a combination of heritable factors, sociocultural learning and past experiences, and reflected in three key components: motivation for, attitudes towards, and past experience with casual sex,’ the study explains.

What this means is that while hooking up may be very good for you to your deep-seated preferences brings positive psychological and health benefits, and that’s as true of casual sex as anything else.

Girls can tell when you only want one thing from them. Establish contact with them and make conversation, keep it light, and don't stay to long.

What you have to do is make it seem like sex is the last thing on your mind. Decided that you'll just make it to second base tonight and be ok with that. And to avoid that girls have a built in alarm we like to call "the anti slut defence". Always leave them wanting more "Kitten theory." What you're doing now is creating a safety net.

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