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For more information, you may check out Even though Black POS ver2 has an entirely different code compared to the Black POS which compromised Target, it duplicates the data exfiltration technique used by the Target Black POS.It is an improved clone of the original, which is why we decided to call this Black POS ver2.Migrating to more modern “chip-and-personal identification number (PIN)” cards and terminals may help reduce the risk down the road.Also, it is good for users to regularly check their bank statements for any anomalous transaction. There's even an Amish dating site, which is somewhat baffling since most Amish don't own a computer and casual Internet use is generally frowned upon in the community.

After over a week of receiving no responses to messages I sent my matches, my suspicions grew. Is it the fact that none of these profiles are even real? That's for sure not the best way to phrase the idea of talking to women. "In here" is strange also makes it seem like a creepy Matrix-esque waiting room, waiting for some sort of simulation to appear. As a result, there are just so many options out there, so why would you put yourself through the hassle of these sites?This particular Black POS variant is different in several ways from more common variants, suggesting that the code has been changed significantly since the source code for Black POS was leaked in 2012.A different API call is made to list processes which can be targeted for information theft; in addition custom search routines for credit card track information have been introduced as well.It has been claimed that up the information of up to 60 million cards may have been stolen.Speculation suggests that the Home Depot attack was carried out using Black POS malware; a Black POS variant discussed by Trend Micro researchers in late August may have been part of this attack, as the behavior we found with this variant and those ascribed to the Home Depot attack are very similar.Perhaps finding love in the age of Trump is so difficult that they figured, "Anybody in the world will do just fine! With these guys, you're basically paying them a monthly fee to throw a bunch of people scattered across the country at you, with no actual reason why." Or, perhaps they assume that the people using these sites have Trumpian amounts of money and can just hop on private jets at moment's notice to go visit their loved one across the country. Neither one of these services are free, at least not if you want to send and receive messages (which, why wouldn't you? Yet another tick in the box for this whole thing feeling like a scam.Mine, for example, were mostly in Alabama -- which is a bit of a drive from where I live in Southern California. That one, however, makes a lot more sense to me-- Match is offering an actual service.I played around for a while and found virtually no matches in my area, nor did I find a way to even filter them by distance. Dating will run you a month, and Trump Singles will run you a month. Their whole thing is that they use an algorithm to match you up to somebody compatible.Shout out to Cedric, who -- judging by his strange profile photo -- either met some sort of unfortunate fate while attempting to fuse his DNA with that of a dog, or is a spam account.It's also safe to say that the "TEXTME" girl isn't just giving out her real phone number and is a spam account.

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