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It just requires you to stay in closer touch with the recruiter to find out where things stand.The process will probably go more slowly because the employer will be wading through more resumes.Having said that, the fee can sometimes affect you chances of getting an interview in case there are direct (free) applicants of your caliber in the running.There are strict terms & conditions in place, should you take a job and then leave in the first week, the fee generally won’t be paid.When you hear the answer, you can begin to determine if you’ll be another in a series of misses or a better fit than the candidates who have come before. People turn over, but it is only meaningful if you can see a pattern. It’s just good to know what you’re getting yourself into, and it’s also a good way to gauge how you are doing. ) You can check out the financials on the Internet, but is there any insider info you should know that may not be as public?For example, I am working with a company right now that is bringing its SEC work in-house and is planning on going public within two years.The placed candidate typically needs to stay in the job 3-6 months for the fee to be safe and for the recruiter to sleep well at night.Some have noticed that the person who helped you find a job takes an active interest in you and your on-boarding, speaks to you regularly for the first months and then you never hear from them again (unless they need something from you of course).

Also, make sure the resume you present really highlights the experience the employer is looking for.

Having somebody find you a position, coach you through an application process and negotiate an offer seems like a great service. The beauty for candidates is that agency recruiters charge their clients a fee.

This is often a win-win-win situation; you get the job, the recruiter gets the placement (and fee), the client gets a new member of staff. The salary you get is the same as you would get without the recruiter, it is in the interest of your new employer that you are happy with the salary today and moving forwards.

Hearing what the client/employer expects you to do is important. Will it represent more of the same at a moment in your career when you’re ready to do more? This might be a company with rapid promotions, and a lateral job is just what you need to get you leverage to climb the ladder.

While the job may entail more money or a higher title, you have to show up and do that job every day. See #6.) Here’s where you find out what has gone into the search so far and maybe what your chances are.

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