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Das Programm enthält moderne und historische Stücke, sowohl ernst als auch unterhaltend, bis hin zum Krimi und zum Schwank. Wir stellen aktuelle Alben vor und sondieren das Konzertgeschehen in der Region und auf den Bühnen der Welt. Dazu gehört Joseph Conrads Roman "Herz der Finsternis".

Sendezeit: So., - 19 Uhr Bodo Janssen Nach seinem wilden Leben auf dem Hamburger Kiez ist Bodo Janssen erfolgreicher Hotelmanager der Upstalsboom Hotels geworden. In der Stadtbibliothek Bremen liest Markus Boysen Textauszüge.

On the birth record of Marie in 1886 and Gertrude in 1889 she was listed as Johanna.

*"Last names" in Norway changed with each generation.

And wherein they have not been fully carried out, the mistakes and oversights have been thus far overruled for the salvation of Israel, and always will be, so long as the Lord's covenant people strive to 'live their religion.' Fourth Hand-Cart Company—Capt. John Linford and family, Mary A [Ann] Miller, Ann Howard, Mary E. [Mc Pherson] Findlay and family, Archibald Mc Bell [Mc Phail] and family, Margery Smith and family, Alexander Birt [Burt], Thomas Stewart and family, David [Patterson] Anderson, Wm. A Salt Lake correspondent of the Baltimore Sun , under date of October 31, says: "We have dreadful accounts of the sufferings among the Mormon emigrants by the hand-cart train, which is now in the mountains. One-seventh are already dead, and they are dying at the rate of fifteen per day.—There are some 600 more behind, of which we have heard nothing. It is impossible for them to get through this fall.

Bretton [Mary Ann Warr Britton], Mary A [Ann Rice Winter] and Elizabeth Fannel [Funnel], Samuel [H.] Witts, Ann Bryant; Thomas Hooley, Charles Gumier [Gurney] and family, Hannah [Watson] and Maria [Watson] Kirby, Abraham Ore and wife, John Nockolds; George and John Brazier, George Isgra [Ingra] and wife, Kitty A [Ann Ingre] Tassell. Ledington [Leadingham] and family, James Land [Laird] and family, James Cunningham and family, Castina Brown, James Gilb [Gibb] and wife, Andrew Smith, Mary A Calchwell [Margaret Ann Mc Fall Caldwell] and family, Barbara Kelly, Ann Tesit [Tait], Christena

Jane Rowley, Thomas Oakley [Oakey] and family, Edward Wheeler and family, Frederick Wall and wife, Jenet [Janetta] and Mary Hodges, Emma Summers, Sarah Steed, Mary A. Jens Sanberk [Sanberg], Jens Neilson and family, Peter Larson [Larsen] and family, Paul Jacobson [Jacobsen] and wife, Rasmus P.

The names of Hanna's parents were taken from the record of the marriage of Hanna Petersen Kettler to Johannus Jensen in Hoboken in 1898.

The records show the following range for the year of her birth: In most of the records she was listed as Hanna/Hannah.

The Norwegians were the largest group from Scandinavia.

Most of the Norwegians in Red Hook came from seaport towns in Norway: Bergen, Kristiansand and Trondheim.

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