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Well, according to Finnish poker player Aku Joentausta didn't let go of his lead during Day 3 of the Main Event when the field was narrowed down from 170 to 56 players.

The young Finn played extremely well and it almost seemed like he took home every single pot.

Gus Hansen is a professional Danish Poker player currently residing in Monaco.

Borne in 1974 he is one of the most famous faces in poker thanks to his appearances in some of the biggest poker TV shows ever made including ‘High Stakes Poker.

Former World Series Main Event winner Chris Moneymaker challenges him with an A-10.

All-in here, all-in there, and when he’s challenged with his mammoth stack, he gets super lucky.

A winner was not determined until the very last hand of the 20-minute battle.

Read more » Nadal Defeats Ronaldo in "The Duel" Team Poker Stars Sport Stars member Rafa Nadal will be be taking on players at PM CET tonight in a 6-max Zoom poker game.

Full Tilt Poker has since been relaunched and seen the Dane play a few session, but taking a substantial loss while doing so.This one, I promise, will absolutely blow your mind: This stars famous pro Gus Hansen. The incredible all-in run keeps going until the end of the video with Hansen losing his first hand of the night, which is positively crazy.During an event called Poker Superstars III, with some of the biggest name in the game playing at a table, Hansen decides to start off his round by going all in. Team Poker Stars Pro Vanessa Selbst and Team Poker Stars Sport Stars Rafa Nadal will play against each other in a heads-up poker game at Casino de Monte Carlo on Friday, April 11! Anyhow, it was a great week to practice with these guys and I had a lot of fun off the court as well!Read more » Davis Cup, Travelling and Success at Poker!My bankroll has grown over 3K and I have started to play higher limit Sn G's and moved to and , and also once in a while taking shots at the buy-in Sn G's...depending on what players been sitting at the tables.Read more » Finnish Guys Getting Ready for Davis Cup! Andy Murray became the first UK champion at Wimbledon in 77 years when he beat Novak Djokovic in the men's singles final 2,5 weeks ago.In the advert Rafa (lying in a bathtub) is playing heads up against 2009 pillow fight runner-up Lucia Arroyo and picks up two aces only to run into Arroyo's three of a kind queens.The advert will hit TV screens around the world over the next couple of weeks.Read more » Gus Hansen's Success in Racket Sports In case you missed it: Tennis pro Rafael Nadal recently joined Poker Stars Team Sport Stars.Rafa has won 11 Grand Slam titles so far, with his most recent win being the 2012 French Open.

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