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Read more » LIVE STREAM: Play Poker Against Rafa Nadal The world's number 1 tennis player and Poker Stars ambassador Rafa Nadal is currently in Monaco to compete at the ATP Monte Carlo Masters, a tournament he has was 8 times in the past.Although Rafa hasn't played his first tennis match yet, he has played some poker... Vanessa Selbst Here's something to look forward to for those of you who love poker and tennis equally! Nieminen won both his matches and also his doubles with Henri Kontinen, who is focusing only on doubles.It’s estimated that he has lost over ,000,000 on the site as of March this year!

Read more » Davis Cup, Travelling and Success at Poker!Gus has been play poker at a professional level since 1997 being the face of popular poker site ‘Full Tilt Poker’ before the site got shutdown a few years ago.Full Tilt Poker has since been relaunched and seen the Dane play a few session, but taking a substantial loss while doing so.This one, I promise, will absolutely blow your mind: This stars famous pro Gus Hansen. The incredible all-in run keeps going until the end of the video with Hansen losing his first hand of the night, which is positively crazy.During an event called Poker Superstars III, with some of the biggest name in the game playing at a table, Hansen decides to start off his round by going all in. A winner was not determined until the very last hand of the 20-minute battle.Read more » Nadal Defeats Ronaldo in "The Duel" Team Poker Stars Sport Stars member Rafa Nadal will be be taking on players at PM CET tonight in a 6-max Zoom poker game.featuring the best of Youtube videos, social media and interviews from all over the world.looking for somewhere to play?Occasionally on my You Tube feed, suggested poker videos pop up because poker videos are absolutely amazing. On the turn, what do you think comes out for Hansen with his 10-7? Even with a tough hand like Q-J against a K-Q, Hansen ends up with a tie thanks to both players ending up with straights.The table is called 'Rafa vs The World' and will open at PM.He will play for one hour and answer questions that are sent via Twitter with the #Ask Rafa hashtag.

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