Graduate student dating undergrad

No one expects you to come in a suit, but shorts, a t-shirt, and sandals are a bit overly casual if you are trying to make a good first impression. It is ok to ask different people the same questionyou might get different perspectives. It is ok to talk (or e-mail) with current studentsask faculty to arrange this.

Likely students will know about things that the faculty dont, such as the best housing in the area for you, and what its like to be a student in the program.

This document has its roots in a department-wide student survey administered by the UCLA Psychology Graduate Association in 1992.

The first draft of this document was distributed to UCLA faculty members and GSA representatives in 1994.

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Feel free to be candidif University of the North Pole is your top choice because you have an interest in what their faculty are doing, or you are place-bound, thats fine. Make your decision as soon as you can, and do NOT hold up places once youve decided not to go there.

However, it is best to let the remaining schools know youre not interested as soon as you can. It is good to visit the schools to help you decide.

Many have open houses where there will be events planned and you will meet other potential classmates.

Everyone has a different view of the ideal advising relationships and good advising relationship take many different forms.

There is widespread agreement, however, that certain responsibilities and rewards are an inherent part of any mentoring relationship between student and faculty member.

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