Gnome 3 battery icon not updating apple options back dating

Red Hat have given me the time and resources that I need to build something as complicated and political as shared infrastructure like this.

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Many people have updated firmware, fixing bugs and solving security issues without having to understand all the horrible details involved.

Unusually it bumps the soname so any applications that link against libfwupd will need to be rebuilt.

The reason for bumping is that we removed a lot of the cruft we’ve picked up over the couple of years since we started the project, and also took the opportunity to rename some public interfaces that are now used differently to how they were envisaged.

Hi, I'm new to debian, I'm using Gnome Version 3.4.2. Caveat, this is just stuff you can do if no one share "oh that is this: info I performed a web search on "gnome battery icon behaviour" and that turned up a bit of stuff. First, looked up into synaptics for "tosh"Then I've installed the next packages: -toshset -fnfxd:i386 (althougth I have amd64) -acpitool-dbg I don't know which one of the above packages fix the problem, but it's a much better option that recompile the kernel, as I've seen in some forums.

Have you stressed it and see if it pops up when it gets low?

; then /bin/su $ -c "$ notify-send --urgency=critical --hint=int:transient:1 --icon $NOTIFY_ICON '$NOTIFY_TITLE' '$NOTIFY_MESSAGE'" sleep 60s BATTERY_STATUS=$(cat /sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/status) if $BATTERY_STATUS = "Discharging" ; then systemctl poweroff fi fi Does that work? I take it that it doesn't and you want it to and show something useful. I've try this command to see the battery status but it returns nothing. If you turn the laptop on just on battery, does it appear?


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