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I had my mother's curly red hair, emerald eyes and freckles but my dad's complexion and tall athletic build.

I played baseball for Metropolis Technical School of Engineering and according to The Round Table I was ripped as fuck, not so much in my arms as on my abs and chest.

The library was built to contain the cities records and house a public library using estimates for the next century on how much space would be needed. "Laughing off his unintentional asshole tendencies, I swerved through the lightly crowded public service center. Mount Ladson as we called it, were the 7 flights of stairs that lead to the observatory at the top of the library.

Long story short, there are a lot of rooms to the rear and near the top that acted as untouched supply closets."Sup Chi? The "Sausage club" as we've been aptly named by Chi, met here bi-weekly in the recesses of the library to play videogames, read comics and do other nerdy things. There a couple of eggheads in lab coats setting up shop around the gazillion dollar telescope, a girl around 20, a guy who looked a business-man more than a scientist who was around his early 30s and the finally guy looked like the real mad scientist type probably in his late 60s with a super gray beard and a hunched back.

" I threw the Asian, hippy/wannabe gangster, 20 something librarian a two finger salute which he returned."Nothing much, the sausage club has been here for a minute, you're late." He paused until he saw I was about to speak and then continued… As I entered the observatory they all stopped what they were doing and stared at me as I headed towards the room where we usually meet up at."Look who's finally here, glad you decided to stop dragging your dick and join us Cici." Amy chucked a box of tissues at my head as I closed the door behind me."Hop of her dick Amy, it's not like she can help it." Jack laughed, making elephant noises sending the room into a whirlwind of chuckles."Yeah yeah, hardy harr harr.

What the hell is up with those egghead looking motherfuckers out there?

Leaving the bathroom now with 90% less wood chips and 100% less full bladder, I sat down at my laptop and booted up."Alright, it's Tuesday and Summer Break. " I asked my compatriots."World of Warships looks friggin spectacular." Janet chimed, she had a sort of thing for military simulation games like that."Nobody cares Janet." Amy said, sighing after trying to solo the mid and getting ganked no doubt.

I was pretty decent looking if I said so myself, considering my Irish mother and Korean father.

Weaving in between the debris that had yet to be removed from the partially destroyed building, I lined myself up with a set of wooden planks propped against a stack of cinder-blocks.

Taking my left head of the handle bar, I tapped the device wrapped around my right wrist like an arm band.

Releasing the camera I grabbed hold of the handle bar and looked down just as I smashed through an old-rotted wall.

Careening out of control, I struggled to keep myself from wiping out because I was too cool to wear elbow or kneepads.

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