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Poor Alan’s useless struggles are hidden from view by carefully blacked out rear windows and a thick metal partition that separates the storage area from the driver and passenger’s seats.

He knows that Miss Lord and his Aunt are sitting on the other side of the partition, and he also knows that they are taking him, completely against his will (yet with the absolute agreement of his mother), to the Lacy Academy for Young Ladies.

Kids get bullied a lot and I'm trying to raise awareness'.

Large, fearful tears trickle from his baby blue eyes, over his flushed, gag-expanded cheeks and across the thick strip of silver masking tape holding the panties firmly in place.

It might help them speaking to friends at school and in life.

We've got some great speech and language therapists on board and people like myself who live with a stammer every day.'The combination is quite powerful,' he added.

“Put simply, Alan, your mother, your sisters and I have had enough of you.

And this business with the police is truly the last straw.

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