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William Russell was in Kyushu, Japan at just the right time, as the Sakurajima volcano began to spew ash into the sky.

Though his camera kit was too zoomed in, he figured out a clever solution, matching each frame of what he captured to a wider shot of the volcano.

We are independent and have entered into this profession of our own free will – not a coercive force in sight!

SAAFE was created by a few very 'normal' women who just happen to get paid to spend time with men, women and couples.

(We hear that’s really good.) The chest rises and falls rhythmically, hypnotically. Nobody's marketed a sleep robot before, and we're not even sure it's a robot.

It looks like a pillowy four-pound kidney bean, about the size of a novelty prize at a carnival game.

So get yourself a coffee and make yourself comfortable as you explore our different pages.

SAAFE was started in a ladies forum in October 2003 by myself (Brandy) and Sarah-Jane.

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