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there are cracks and hacks that make the ads from juno, et all, go away and never show up. – by icesnake frostfyrei used juno's “gold” service (.95/month), now that dsl is in my area i called to cancel, while speaking with a juno csr, she mentioned that juno now offers a .95/month rate for 150 hours of service…fairly cheap.i'm sure that cost/month is just a last ditch attempt to keep me as a member, but if anyone is looking for a cheap isp they may want to call and bring that rate up when signing up…i've found that their advertising (with the gold service) is no worse than aol.that's unfortunate, but not was a good thing for a time. ( or whatever else i can get for free for now.) – by jeff… guess that includes oppressing your people with banner ads and pop-ups. if i were to go back to the free isp, bluelight would be it.but after the started locking out people in their supossed top 5% of users, that doesn't fit their buisness model. it was supossed to delay you until a time the software saw fit to let you back in but the software was buggy and wouldn't let me back in at all. i'll bet that russian defector in their commercials wouldn't want netzero if he knew that. – by raped by junoi just read your post in aol and tw news topic. with high speed access prices coming down as more options become available in more areas, dial-up has to drop, so others will follow.

then i need to get a [email protected] welcomed – by brian puccioi used bluelight back in the spring for a few months. it had some annoying ads sometimes when you first log on and coiuldn't get rid of without filling them out though. “although our commitment to serving our customers remains unchanged, several of the legal documents relating to your use of our service have been updated.:p i'll stick w/the popups..hehebluelight still works pretty good.whenever i set someone up with a pc (quickest way to get rid of deprecated hardware!) i like to give them a free internet service, lately its been bluelight, worldshare is gone (no ads, free, was the best one) and i wouldn't give netzero to my worst enemy.there ad boxes were easily defeatable anyway ;) (get parent of ad window, set z-order on parent so its placed at a, boom, ad window gone.i had to laugh when i saw that they didn't even think to check the parent status, while every way from sunday is checked on the actual ad box!:) – by jrthese “free” isps were always a big waste, i've denounced them since their inception. check out my post in the section for the aol tw merger. my advise is to call customer service and tell then that u did not use it ( they have record) and ask for credit billed back to ur card. – by rri checked out the freebies – but those annoying “advertising” bars and popups were too much for me to deal with (and i didn't feel like hacking that code to disable that junk) – so i left them where they belonged – on the junk pile with the other 7zillion aol cd's… even for a backup, 5 bux a month is bearable for most people who would pay for high-speed primary access. also, i have noticed that the banner at the top sometimes matches my browsing patterns. – by fred theiliga while back, excite bought @home – and the first thing they did is send me ads in e-mail.let them toss in more pop-up ads; they'll eventually run themselves into the ground when advertisers see they're losing clients at a rapid pace… – by tanstaaflthey have shortened the time when you have to click resume to 20 minutes. i bitched them out, they said they had removed me from their mailing list.pop-up (interstitial ads) are becoming more and more common on websites as the ad crunch continues. just pay the a month for internet access, or (or ) if you have a good local can surf in relative luxury–free from extra ads …even the members of the mailing lists who pay for the premium service are complaining because the “premium” service also contains enough pop-ups to choke most systems.this item was submitted by one of our readers and i found it to be quite interesting.according to the netzero, juno, and freenet mailing lists, all three of the free isps have increased the use of pop-up ads to the point of locking-up several users' the same time, netzero and juno have increased the rate that the ads for their premium (ad-free) service show up.

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