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Our friendship started off very innocently - I enjoyed role playing original characters and he was interested in that as well. I passed him, so close I could have reached out and grabbed his arm ..

Eventually, it progressed to talking regularly "out of character" and becoming friends.

December 14, 2002"I came so close to meeting Cain today.

" (of course, at the movie theater he now knew about). I'd left the movie early to go to the bathroom .. I didn't see him until Anna told me, "Steph, look over there on that bench. I'm POSITIVE I looked like a deer in headlights. I think, iirc, I went by something like Demented Alice or Damaged Alice or something to do with Alice in Wonderland. There were equally as many creepy older women who hit on me and would ask me very personal questions about whether I'd ever been with a girl before. Someone who wants to suggest to the OP's subconscious that the age difference between them isn't as big as it seems and that he can be totally be trusted. That wasn't that guy's first rodeo." :(After I experienced AOL chat rooms, I avoided Yahoo! and I wouldn't have if Anna hadn't pointed him out. I also remember one I actually got in a serious relationship with who went by Phoenix and he was pretty nice for being 15. Everything is always just a story until you live something similar. I almost RAN out the door and I was really close to running all the way back to Anna's car. Even having told my husband stories of Cain previously, showing him my old (and terrified) livejournal entries when I found them this week blew him away. This was why for the longest time I'd pretend to be a guy on the internet and pick GENDERNEUTRAL or masc. Being picked up by a self-professed married man "whose wife doesn't mind" at age 14 in an aol CHESS chatroom freaked me out. Since this all stemmed from the world of role play, some guys would get really angry when I didn't create a new character to be the romantic interest of their character, and further annoyed when I refused any sort of sexual role play after finally caving into the first demand.I recently decided to look back at really old livejournal entries (remember that?! Should I tell him that I saw him, thought he saw me, but he passed by? I didn't call out or go back because one, I was nervous and, two, mom was already out the doors and my sister was pulling me along. ) and was reminded that I dealt with a lot of creepers when I was younger. I can't get online on any screen name that he knows. Or should I tell him I didn't see him and went out the back?

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