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Everything is always just a story until you live something similar. I almost RAN out the door and I was really close to running all the way back to Anna's car. Even having told my husband stories of Cain previously, showing him my old (and terrified) livejournal entries when I found them this week blew him away.

I'm POSITIVE I looked like a deer in headlights. I was introduced to the Internet at 7, before the "dangers of the Internet" were really known, and I became very savvy at skirting parental barriers and restrictions that had been put in place online for my safety. This was back in the days of AOL, where role play in public chatrooms was common. I know in the UK the police and community people come round and do talks, workshops etc but how much of it actually sinks in? I have no idea how to make the dangers on the Internet seem more real. I don't envy the job parents, teachers and police have these days telling kids about the dangers of the Internet.We'd met in one of the role playing chat rooms on AOL and eventually realized that we lived in the same state (though, he was about 30 minutes outside of my city). He was tall, lanky, black hair, and wore a dark cabbie hat. He always looked brooding in pictures he'd send to me. I recently decided to look back at really old livejournal entries (remember that?! Should I tell him that I saw him, thought he saw me, but he passed by? I didn't call out or go back because one, I was nervous and, two, mom was already out the doors and my sister was pulling me along. ) and was reminded that I dealt with a lot of creepers when I was younger. I can't get online on any screen name that he knows. Or should I tell him I didn't see him and went out the back? He was still paying attention, though, and I was in the habit of putting stuff in my AOL away message like "going to the movies! " (of course, at the movie theater he now knew about). I'd left the movie early to go to the bathroom ..

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