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I'd like to play with mythweb, maybe document the database layout, and abstract it to make it easier to write web modules.

But I've not even seen what they've done with 0.19 mythweb yet.

When I try x11vnc I get "refused by server errors". I'd miss mythtv if I couldn't just dip into it whenever I want – it took guts to upgrade it last week..

now I'm in what they must call the 'comfort zone' ;-)I was pretty sure the last patch wouldn't fix his problem. It keeps autoexpired stuff from showing up as 'recorded' (really, I want the boxes to mean "watched", but "recorded" is the only thing we have).rtsai: does your patch address how to handle shows such as news, news magazines, soap operas, etc that are 99% of the time new programming, but the schedule shows their premiere date as "original airdate" so they erroneously show as "reruns" and/or "previously recorded"I've got very limited experience with Myth TV -in fact I'm installing it for the first time tonight – but I was wondering if there was any way to make it so that I can have my own series of Myth TV set-top boxes for all the TV's in my house I want a "mythtv network" in my house.

I seem to remember when getting this working that there was a lot of talk about WHICH video cards would allow the frames to pass through unaltered, BUT surely once you scale or filter the image this is lost?but hey, if that's what you have to do to feel good about yourself, best of luck to ya :) In both Arch and now Raspbian, my 1920x1080 monitor shows up at this random, 1864x984ish resolution with a black square around nthe edge. You just need to use a client like Putty that will exchange keys.The idea is that the Pi can identify the client and vice versa, so you can ensure against man in the middle attacks on future connections-kloeri- [Global Notice] Hi all.I wanted to setup a parallell myth system, to test 0.19 on my setup.I've got a couple of spare boxes I can use as a front and back end, but no TV cards.Hmm - I don't seem to be able to over clock 'dmesg grep | freq' reports 'bcm2835-cpufreq: min=700000 max=1000000 cur=700000' but '/opt/vc/bin/vcgencmd measure_clock arm' only ever returns '700000000' - I am keeping it busy (6 processes each running at about 16-17%CPU) and it is below the CPU temp threshold, is it a version 2 thing..?thrawed: Thanks again for your help earlier got my Pi clocking at 900/400/400 - trick turned out to be NOT overvolting - reduced the time to load MATE desktop from 31 to about 18 seconds well worth the effort ! I spoke the truth, just because you don't like it doesn't mean you have to continue bitching.. A potato produces on the order of 1.2 volts and almost nothing in the way of ma. Please upgrade to at least a lemon or wire 4 potatoes in series to form a bank and then wire a whole bunch in parallel to produce adequate current.So, I'm planning to make the server the new master backend, dupelicate the datebase for a while, to make sure it seems to work, then cut over the old master backend into a non-master backend.At least the front end updates should just be a case of rpm -Uvh Juski: Yeh, but I want to move my backend anyway. A very slow, crappy disk on the main backend, with the myth store on a different box. What's the percived wisdom of multi disk setups for myth ?If I copy the database from the current master back end, what tabels to I need to keep copied to see the new recordings, and schedules etc ?yer so i guess for the tv, we get an interlaced broadcast signal, then bob double frame rate it to be progressive, one signal goes to vga as progressive the other signal goes to tv, the video card converts the progressive vga signal to an interlaced tv signal I think my confusion is about the diff between passing an interlaced signal to tv encoder BY using an interlaced video output mode VERSUS passing a progressive signal to the tv encoder and letting it do the deinterlacingthat is the wacky think with Myth. It's all the rest of the linux system, that is just not ready for the livingroom yet.

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