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Why would a man display their romantic side when they can just buy their way your heart? He’s never going to have time for the kids you plan to raise.If the guy is wealthy, chances are he works more than 80 hours a week. Most people who end up becoming rich forget where they come from.Even with such a good platform , most women still can't attract rich men in the shortest time, here is 5 tips for dating rich men can help you approach wealthy men in the time you expect. So when a handsome man I met at a party invited me to dinner, I didn't hesitate.Well it would, wouldn't it - how can you take a girl out to dinner when you are checking that the people at the next table are being served properly. While Heather Mills is not the sweetest girl on the planet, he did marry her, so why has he now had her credit cards stopped and her bodyguards taken away when the child is not with her.Every time I started to talk about something I thought was vaguely interesting, all I could see was his permatanned neck as he looked around the room. For a start, they are not only greedy - what else could motivate them to make more money than they could spend in a lifetime - they are also mean. There was also something about a threatening legal letter from Mc Cartney's lawyers accusing Heather of taking three bottles of cleaning fluid from his kitchen. I mean, we are talking about a man who is not rich in any normal sense, but so catastrophically loaded that he could probably buy the cleaning company several times over. For a start, Macca and my multi-millionaire are that rare bread; the self-made man.

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Plus he’ll more than likely stay loyal to you for sticking with him through the ups and downs.But tell me, wouldn't I just look amazing on your arms?But then again, I might end up one day becoming that rich husband that you wanted to stay away from in the beginning, so then these problems could arise for us in the future.Landing a loaded guy has long been a fantasy for some females. "They feign interest in your profession, only hang around when you're headed to the most exclusive restaurant or club, and then often invite nine of their closest friends to tag along."They're Naughty!In fact, your own mother may have even quipped that it's just as easy to fall for a wealthy man as it is a poor one. High-income men are the group most likely to use the Web for adult entertainment, such as porn, according to the Luxury Institute. I mean, what kind of woman can resist a rich man who’s flashing money everywhere in a city outside of their home? What life skills could you ever have when all your responsibilities are outsourced to other hard working people? They will shower you with gifts, but what will they ever do that will show you that they are even affectionate about you? Having a butler, chef and maid at home, a driver to take you places and a valet to greet you each morning may end up causing you to lose some of those precious skills of survival you once had.But hey, if you were to ask me how to attract rich men, I’d keep it pretty simple.Stick by and encourage a poor or middle class man who has a vision and a dream, partnered with skill and technique until he becomes rich.Otherwise, to a rich man, you may just be seen as an option, not a life-long companion.I mean, sure it’s possible to have him, but not that likely.

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