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My new discovery about this place has been the restaurant - the 393 menu is just top value...

you're getting really good food at the price it would cost you to go to pizza express or a curry house. Try it on a Friday or Saturday night and you'll see why people keep going back.

) with no special relish just an overload of onions. It was sold as breast but also turned up partly on the bone and the pesto/tomato sauce had a slight meaty/fishy/taste...

To top it off the other reason of the evening was to watch a film in the cinema on level three afterwards.

) 9) There’s even a cosy cinema screening decent films Monday to Wednesday.

Main attraction is the bar - great atmosphere, and there's a happy hour until 11pm Thursday and Fridays (including cocktails - bargain).

6) The squid’s not their best exhibit and the bruschetta’s pretty basic, but the wild mushrooms with truffled potato puree is on another level.

With chefs straight from Chelsea’s Michelin star restaurant, Tom’s Kitchen, it’s the fancy stuff that they really nail.

The staff were really helpful in the whole process, playing great guests behind the bar and helping me in organising the event.

We spotted that The Exhibit even had its own cinema which we had try to out. It's got everything - a bar with wifi, aquarium and Wii; a fancy restaurant that has a cracking special offer deal every night of the week; a swanky cocktail bar with views of the Sainsbury's car park; and, my favourite bit, a cinema that allows you to take your drinks AND your dessert in with you.”“I saw the (rather amusing) review on this site by Christian Rose-Day, and thought it was worth adding a review as a local and frequent customer in the Exhibit.

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