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Value = Text Box Revised Component Name [code] I'm looking for suggestions on how to stop the screen updating or perhaps a more efficient way to structure the code that would let me update the necessary cells in the other workbook without having to activate the workbook and cells.

You can use formulas in Microsoft Excel 2010 to perform calculations based upon the values in your spreadsheet.

Open the Excel file for which you wish to disable calculations. Click the Calculation Options drop-down menu in the Calculation section of the ribbon, then click the Manual option.

You can now choose when you want to update your formulas on the spreadsheet.

If the macro has used the Echo or Set Warnings actions to turn echo or the display of system messages off, the Stop Macro macro action automatically turns them back on.

This action isn't available in a Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) module.

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Discover this word and many others that you can use in combination with Application in the downloadable course on Excel macros. As you can read: starting in cell A1 a value of "99" will be entered in the selected cell then the cursor will move one cell down to enter "99", repeat the process until the row number of the selected cell is 3000 and come back to cell A1.Microsoft is conducting an online survey to understand your opinion of the Technet Web site.If you choose to participate, the online survey will be presented to you when you leave the Technet Web site. Unfortunately, if your spreadsheet is very large and contains a high number of formulas, then updating all of your formula values can be a pretty time-consuming and resource-intensive activity.Fortunately you can make Excel 2010 stop updating your formula totals whenever you make a change to a cell and instead execute all of your formula calculations manually.The benefit to using cell numbers and letters over actual values is that the formulas that you have created will update their values if you edit a cell value.This is extremely helpful and can aid you when you have large spreadsheets with entries that are frequently updated.Hello, My macro updates information in another workbook without any errors however when doing so the screen updates even with screen updating set to false. I'm guessing this might be because of the activate events that i have in my code [code] Workbooks("database.xlsm"). This allows you to avoid constant formula updates that can drastically slow down editing time on large spreadsheets.You can click the Calculate Now button in the Calculation section of the ribbon when you are ready to update your formula values.

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