Excel 2016 cells formulas not updating

Quick Tip You can speed up entering the dollar signs by using the function key F4 when editing the formula, if the cursor is on a cell reference in the formula, repeatedly hitting the F4 key, toggles between no dollar signs, both dollar signs, just the row and just the column.If you enjoyed this post, go to the top of the blog, where you can subscribe for regular updates and get your free report "The 5 Excel features that you NEED to know".

The reason an error is returned when it is pasted into column A, is because there are no columns to the left of column A.

Neither of those changes had any effect on the code's speed. That didn't improve things, but when I removed the red fill from the heading cells, I noticed a red comment marker in one of the cells. It didn't seem likely, but as soon as I deleted the comment, the code ran perfectly.

In round 12 of testing (I've lost track of the test count), I copied the data, and pasted it as values into a new workbook. Put the comment back, and it slowed to a crawl again.

Update: In the comments, PDLobster suggests the following solution, to speed up the filters -- thanks!

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