Ethics nurses dating patients

Nurses do not engage in any activity that results in inappropriate financial or personal benefit to themselves or loss to the client.Inappropriate behaviour includes neglect and/or verbal, physical, sexual, emotional and financial abuse.But a nurse in any setting must rely on and refer back to the nursing code of ethics throughout his or her career.Having a code of ethics helps guide nurses through tricky situations and serves as a common reference point for everyone on the health care team.Some of the broader nursing ethics issues today include questions about end-of-life care or the place of spirituality in nursing.

Slight nuances set general medical ethics apart from ethics in nursing.

Where doctors are concerned with treating the disease and finding a cure, nurses are dedicated to treating the person and easing suffering.

That difference in perspective defines a nurse's ethical standpoint.

Generally, nurses do not exchange gifts with clients. Be transparent, therapeutic and ethical with all your clients and former clients.

Where it has therapeutic intent, a group of nurses may give or receive a token gift. When the issues are complex and boundaries are not clear, discuss your concerns with a knowledgeable and trusted colleague.

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