Error updating public folder busy exchange 2016

Also, there is now only one writeable copy of the folder, so data integrity is more accurate.This means that there is a migration process that must occur from the legacy public folders to the modern public folders.To check open the Exchange Management Shell (EMS) as administrator and run the following command: Let that simmer (replicate) through your domain for a while, then go back and try your Outlook /freebusy fix again. We have a big update available for Outlook 2016 this month.Keep in mind this same process works for migrating to Exchange 2013 as well, the steps are identical.Let’s start first with the changes in the public folder setup that began in 2013, what Microsoft calls “Modern Public Folders”.This update is for MSI version and takes Outlook to version 16.0.4366.1000.Click to Run users should be at version 16.0.6568.2036.

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To fix this issue, you also need to add a registry key. If you change the protocol between the MAPI over HTTP and RPC, the primary mailbox isn't displayed.Legacy Public Folders, or public folders from a version of Exchange previous to 2013 went largely unchanged.There were public folder databases that were stored on a mailbox server.Exchange 2013 change the architecture so that public folder data is now stored in mailbox’s designated as “Public Folder Mailboxes” instead of using dedicated public folder databases.The benefit of this model was that public folders could not be placed into normal user mailbox databases, which would mean they not benefit from the DAG architecture.This can certainly cause issues if you have a group of users collaborating and they are each connected to a separate copy of the public folder data, there can be delays or collisions in the data sets.Also, public folder databases could not be protected in a DAG, so they were not able to benefit from the same availability designs as normal mailboxes.In addition to updating support for Add-ins (from the Office Store) to API version 1.3, this update fixes the following issues: When you add a user as a contact in online mode by using the MAPI over HTTP transport protocol, the new contact isn’t created and no error message is displayed.This fix requires either Exchange Server 2013 CU12 (KB3108023) or Exchange Server 2016 CU1 (KB3134844) installed on the Exchange backend as well.Anyone that has dealt with legacy public folder replication issues can tell you the process is not that fun to troubleshoot.It’s also not exact, as the quickest the folders can replicate is 15 minutes.

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