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Check out the book The Narcissism Epidemic: Living in the Age of Entitlement by Jean M.) as illegitimate Christians, merely because a few nuns are taking care of a few people in one small part of the world!Super moron Catholic: Catholics killed over 45 million people in the past 1000 years and still do with the help of sick, demon-possessed, false Christian, heretics like Mother Theresa (who robbed and tormented the poor, orphans, sick, and dying and who gave off the bulk of her rich donations to the Vatican to hoard), with the help of child-molesting rapist priests AND NUNS all over the world, (including no doubt to those who know what Catholic are really like despite their fakery) in your singled out Nigeria.My life doesn't have to be about being a homosexual.This trope is about homosexual political conservatives, typically in settings where homosexuality and conservatism are at least somewhat incompatible, as they appear in fiction. SEIDERS, DEHLINGER, GANGLOFF, SCAGLIOTTI, WICHMANN, Cox Tim UWINS, MANIN, GROSSWILER, SIRNIO, I. YUDOWITZ, SCOZZARI, MORKVE, SOCKWELL, VARELLA, ARZU, BELHOMME, BRAZZELL, BLEVINS, J.NY NEW YORK, Montana , TN TENNESSEE az arizona, ms mississippi, UT UTAH, Oregon, KS KANSAS, MS MISSISSIPPI, . ROQUES, COZADD, NOTARO, FROTHINGHAM, PALMETER, MAINPRIZE, STROWD, UHRMACHER, PAVICEVIC, ARROYOS, A. SARCONI, MANSEAU, Evone Mills BOWCOCK, TRAXSON, DEMEO, BROWEN, LAYHER, BASTINE, U.Twenge for more about America’s epidemic of narcissism.The narcissist prizes attention, the psychopath is a sadist, the addict cares only for comfort and pleasure.…You don’t see many Methodists in the Congo taking care of people with Ebola…and the only hospital that takes care of them in that part of the Congo is Benedictine nuns, you don’t see too many Protestants in that part of the Congo.” So, this moron Catholic with a boastful tone (which I could hear) condemned all Protestants (which in his ignorance and dumbness stereotyped as all being like Methodists, when Methodists are closer to Catholics as Arminians than 60 million Protestants who are Calvinists with no Catholics being Calvinists!

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