Elisabeth elliot quotes dating

I was forced to trust the promise of Psalm , that God would withhold nothing good from me.

I read Elisabeth Elliot and determined to do things completely differently should another romantic opportunity arise.

It wasn't until I cut off all communication with him that I felt free to fully embrace God's plan for me and true healing began. No one would bat an eye at a woman making the first move, calling the guy she is interested in, suggesting the first date, or even making the marriage proposal. I often say the two years I was single in college were the best of times and the worst of times.

But from the very start of creation, God made plain that man is to be the initiator, the leader. My heart longed to be with the young man who had broken my heart, but God had a plan in the waiting.

Elisabeth Elliot became a mentor to me through the pages of her book. More often than not, one person has other motives involved.

In my own story, I thought I could handle being "just friends" after we broke up. But when I firmly decided not to pursue this man I was so drawn to, I was released to trust that God was in control.

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