Domino updating search site database

However, when I setup Doc a in DB 1 and then try searching from DB 2, it's not found. This is due to the way full text indexes are updated.

To solve this, put the following code as a "Save and Exit" button for the form in DB 1.

The subdirectory will be called If an index becomes corrupt then do not delete the subdirectory manually, but use the Index tool described above to delete it.

A domain index is a full-text index over multiple Domino applications or databases.

If you index an encrypted field, other users may be able to read the encrypted text without the encryption key.

Full-text indexes are stored in a subdirectory, which is in the same directory as the main database.

An API allows access to other site search engines, and Lotus plans to offer direct interfaces to major engines in future releases.

Search Tools Consulting's principal analyst, Avi Rappoport, may be available to help you with selection, indexing and search log analysis, as well as relevance evaluation, user experience testing, and functional search engine work.

If you want to update a specific database full-text index, Select Files tab for the required database, then Tools - Database - Full Text Index - Update - OK Indexes are updated automatically by the UPDATE task. Options are To create a full-text index, select the files tab, then select Tools - Database - Full-text Index and follow the instructions on the screen.Current Document 'Set up the Current Database in this session Dim db As notesdatabase Set db=session.currentdatabase 'Update the field to allow save of doc.Call uidoc.fieldsettext("allowsave","1") 'Save the Doc Call 'Close the Doc Call uidoc.close 'Update the Index Call db.If you want to know if your View is current, go to the Files tab in the Domino Administrator client, right-click on the database you want to see andthen select Manage Views Full-text indexes are used to speed up document searches.The full text index may only contain words found within a document or may optionally include text within numerous supported attachment types.Describes the Lotus plan to add searching (Domino Extended Search), data mining, middleware "preference engine" for customizing search results, and updated conferencing and discussion tools.Lotus will be integrating their acquisitions: Data Beam Conference Server and Ubique Virtual Places, into Notes and working with business partners for additional knowledge management features.The disadvantage of a full text index is that creating and maintaining a full text index uses up system resources.However, if a database is not full text indexed and a user needs to perform a search, a temporary index is created and then destroyed.This article is the second using third party JAR files as plug-ins in your Domino environment.See the first article about wrapping an existing JAR file into a plug-in and the third article about security and permissions.

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