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Rest assured, Barry P.'s roomie, Hal G., said Barry P. The City of Brotherly Love continues to amaze with the quality and wit of some of its fans.

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Sudden thought: If Iceland's most famous rocker met and married everybody's favorite rookie QB, she could walk around the Steel City as Mrs.Think of the setting for the movie 'All the Right Moves,' and just add really tall buildings and a subway." And surely, the town that has become the first to fully turn on a "Real World" cast deserves our attention.Reader Scott Mc Auliffe says the "Real World: Philadelphia" cast is being terrorized by locals."Yeah, yeah," one fan shot back, "just wait till the second half."On the long-running, never-ending topic of Meat Sweats, the "Friends" Mafia roared when I quoted my Bulgarian reader who said Joey's "Meat Sweats" were, in fact, Phoebe's maternity pants. Everyone around the nation thinks the people in the stands at Lambeau are dressed with enough layers of blaze-orange clothing to ward off the cold. In fact, if you consume enough Wild Cat (say, eight or more pieces of bread), you can actually break out in a sweat during a December game.Shirtless people at Lambeau in December: Too much beer? Meat Sweats."Barkeep -- a round of Wild Cats, chased with some Old Style. I left out Week 5's judgment owing to space, time and other bogus reasons.The latest example: Seattle at New England, fourth quarter, late. After the game, the officials recommended he register it with the state of New Jersey as an assault weapon. We embrace the athlete who dares think outside the box of auto dealership endorsements and reading Penthouse on the can. a point in one's life where all that exists begins again ... don't be afraid, (and here Jones goes 'sotto voce,' the better to minimize the logistics and maximize the philosophy) as you leave a message for Dhani Jones (and here Jones ends his 'sotto voce') ...The Seahawks have closed to 23-20, and have all the momentum of late-'90s Microsoft stock. We even pondered starting a fire in the fireplace to go with my NFL Sunday Ticket bonanza, a portrait made complete by the sleeping dog next to the TV set. There's your easy Halloween costume: Throw a few rolls of toilet paper on your right hand, carry a football in your left hand and sport a No. Threaten all trick-or-treat households with the right hand unless you get tons of those killer little bite-size Snickers bars -- and no apples or loose change accepted. So Eagles LB Dhani Jones, the wacky pundit of the Birds locker room who actually reads, is solid in my book. It's just unfortunate that Fox, in an effort to illustrate Jones' nuttiness, chose to air his cell phone's outgoing message during the Eagles-Panthers game. for life is change, and change is life."You try to call an NFL linebacker, and you get a reading from Jewel's poetry book.The ball is overthrown, the Pats are toast and the streak is over ... I don't have to go through a litany of what-woulda-happeneds if the Red Sox had faced a similar situation. Has anybody checked to see what Gillette Stadium is built on? As for Mother Nature, well, she gets a nod this week. 17, 2004 -- the Day the Weather Turned to Football Season. Herm Edwards in a fleece-lined jacket at the Meadowlands. And speaking of change, parts plus labor will probably cost around 900 bucks." Because I am a firm believer in what I once heard from a great Irish writer while I lived in Dublin -- "Never let the facts get in the way of a good story," he said with relish and sincerity -- I will sometimes write something in this space that my readers find, ahem, well, factually objectionable.only Johnson, lifted by a supernatural force, makes The Greatest Catch You've Ever Seen for a 48-yard gain. And what's the opposite of an Native American burial ground? There might be sacks and sacks of untaxed 18th-century tea under that turf. Thank Tagliabue Almighty, Mike Vick is Free at Last! It was, for those of us fascinated by the pathos of gambling, The Perfect Storm. And I'm not even talking about the third-grade math I broke out a couple of weeks ago.That genteel tradition is no more."The Linc's new bathrooms," writes reader Todd Schuman from Washington D. Most people just call me "Chief." Anyway, Huston took it a step further when he found a cover band somewhere in America actually called "The Meat Sweats." I swear. (Second sudden thought: If Casey Stengel were alive today, the famous quote "You could look it up" would never have entered American lore. A Packer fan, naturally, he writes: "While tailgating at Lambeau, we indulge in a Wisconsin delicacy called 'Wild Cat.' Wild Cat is nothing more than raw ground mixed with a raw egg and onions, smeared on a piece of rye bread and doused with salt and pepper.C., "include raised sinks that were purposely built to be much taller than those at the Vet, to deter drunk fans from urinating in them." Another reader reports the same fact, and says he mentioned it to Eagles fans during a pit stop at a recent home game. 22, 2001 (thank you, reader Dave Moskin, for the air date), Joey ate a bunch of turkey and proclaimed, for all of America to hear and for America to continue to hear in endless re-runs: "Here come the meat sweats." As Alex Bentley of Denton, Texas, points out, speaking for the entirety of the "Friends" Mafia: "Not to besmirch our Bulgarian friend, but ... You didn't think when you woke up this morning that you would be confronted with the possibility of besmirching a Bulgarian, did you? He'd have said: "You could Google it." Not quite as homey.)And speaking of bands, a reader whose name I accidentally deleted checked in on the mention of the band Orleans and their hit "Still the One," which peaked at No. Many Wisconsinites not only consider this a delicacy, but its status is so revered that this mix garnishes our tables during our favorite holidays and most special occasions.

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