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You may want to memorize them all or pick just a few that seem to be most interesting and practical.Whatever your decision, taking some time to learn these common phrases will give you more choice and confidence when communicating with native French speakers, as well as classmates in your French class.I think this book is the easiest and most affordable way to take your relationship to the next level.Whether you are an aspiring Francophile (lover of French) or need to learn a few French phrases for a vacation in a French-speaking country, this page will teach you some of the most useful French words and phrases.The phrases in the table are accompanied with pronunciation guides and English translations.While studying the phrases below, it may be a good idea to occasionally consult your French-English dictionary and look up the definitions of individual words.After reading the Text Weapon Quick Start Guide I started spicing things up.It gave me the confidence to express myself better.

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Neither of you has mustered the courage to make a move, yet.

Hands haven’t been placed on knees; you’ve not kissed.

But you’ve both conveyed enough to know that it (Chinese): A relationship by fate or destiny. It draws on principles of predetermination in Chinese culture, which dictate relationships, encounters and affinities, mostly among lovers and friends.

We have now to mention but one more custom, dating from those great days.

The boy she was currently dating had not called her up for three days.

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