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Young, “Nonlinear propagation of ultrafast 1.5 mu m pulses in high-index-contrast silicon-on-insulator waveguides,” Appl.

Felici, “Eigenmode expansion methods for simulation of optical propagation in photonics: Pros and cons,” in Integrated Optics: Devices, Materials and Technologies VII, Y.

We determine group index and group velocity dispersion (GVD) of SOI single-mode strip waveguides (photonic wires) with 525×226nm cross-section over the entire telecommunication bandwidth by employing an integrated Mach-Zehnder interferometer.

The measured GVD yields 4400 ps/(nm∙km) at 1550 nm and exceeds that of standard single-mode fibers by almost three orders of magnitude.

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Morita, “Microphotonics devices based on silicon wire waveguiding system,” IEICE Trans.

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Inset: Spectral range of the TE group index used for further evaluation of the dispersion parameter. Inset: Phase change derived from a half-cycle of one interference fringe (1563-1566 nm).

The measured group index and GVD are used as benchmarks to compare model calculations originating from four different theoretical methods. Vlasov, "Group index and group velocity dispersion in silicon-on-insulator photonic wires: errata," Opt. uri=oe- Modulational instability in a silicon-on-insulator directional coupler: role of the coupling-induced group velocity dispersion W.

©2006 Optical Society of America Full Article | PDF Article Eric Dulkeith, Fengnian Xia, Laurent Schares, William M.

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