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When I was 24, my gay male friends were mostly single. They moved from relationship to relationship, meeting guys with no future potential. I was running out of ideas when I wrote this chapter so that's why it had a lame ending. So, it’s a brand new year filled with hope and possibility!

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OK, If Disabled World, or another website, was to create a dating service for the blind what requirements would be needed?

It’s interesting that you think of yourself as a minority within a minority. I’m not so sure that being gay has anything to do with your lack of dating options.

I think your problem has more to do with age than anything else.

– Diary of a Frustrated Gay Man DOAFGM, first of all, Ted messed with your head.

Who breaks up with someone during a romantic ski trip? He should have told you about his other prospect before you hopped a plane to Colorado.

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