Dating violence powerpoint presentations

Student work is assessed through written exercises, case studies, exams, and structural design models.

Students in this WAC course are introduced to various types of research relevant to the discipline, as well as university resources relevant to research and writing activities.

All activities have also been linked to the new maths curriculum, making it simple to find resources for a specific objective.Addresses important issues such as drawing conventions, paraline and perspective drawing, tonal values, line quality, contrast and composition through generative design exercises.Aims to develop basic skills in 3D modeling and graphic editing using a combination of software and address the designer’s choice of software to facilitate the aggregation of one’s work towards compiling final presentation boards.This course is an introduction to structural design and statics.Course work examines design issues relating to various structural systems and materials.Students are required to participate in the entire jury process for their own studio.Observation of other studios' juries is highly recommended.Knowledge of the elements of architectural design is developed in the decision-making process. Structural analysis and design in wood, masonry, and steel with reference to integration of technical systems and architectural design decisions.Through studio consultation, theories are applied to studio projects.Course projects promote the application of multiple digital media tools used in concert to achieve an end.Explores the relationship of color, material, and space and their potentials in a hands-on design process of architectural objects.

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