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The gotu kola groups received either 200 or 500 mg/kg of each product.

In Europe, an infusion of the aerial parts of the plant was used to purify the blood and treat wounds, ulcers, dermatitis, and hypertension.

The acoustic startle response was reduced 60 and 90 minutes after the administration of a single dose of gotu kola, which may suggest a potential anxiolytic effect.

No effects were noted on self-rated mood, heart rate, or blood pressure. Centella asiatica treatment during postnatal period enhances learning and memory in mice.

A study conducted in rats compared the impact of different phytochemicals in gotu kola with placebo.

During one portion of the study protocol, rats were given a commercial product from Madagascar that contained high levels of triterpene or placebo (ie, distilled water). Effects of total triterpenes of Centella asiatica on the corticosterone levels in serum and contents of monoamine in depression rat brain [in Chinese].

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