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“Ninety per cent of online bullying is done by people who don’t know you, and you need their phone number to leave a review.” Both see the app as an educational tool, the chance to provide improving feedback.

“It doesn’t have to be a date — you can rate your friends.

“Through sheer vanity, when they get a two-star review, you’ll see their ratings climb.

Just because they don’t want to be a two-star,” says Amsbury.

The app, which is just eight weeks old, invites you to leave reviews of people you’ve dated (including a star rating).The reviews are anonymous but you can only submit one clandestine post per profile.Subsequent comments you might wish to make are not anonymous. In response to calls for more authenticity and accountability, dating apps are changing.“You can’t know someone from a few lines written on their own profile.We’re a safety net.” If the horse has already bolted on privacy “honest apps” might be the future.It’s mad.” Unusually, the app was launched off the back of a pint at Wetherspoons.“We were having a giggle with the girl crowd,” says Forsyth.Following a soft launch eight weeks ago, its 500 users and counting have an average review of 4.2 stars. So far, the gender split is 52 per cent male, 48 per cent female. Arguably, taking the initiative to rate your date is a hugely uncomfortable prospect: a breach of privacy, and a dubiously subjective system.Plus, one man or woman’s Mr Right is another’s Mr Wrong. This is why our photo-based questions give you a quick, fun and creative way to decide what’s important to you and check out if others feel the same. Terry Amsbury and Jamie Forsyth, both 33, want to make dating great again.

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