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Notice of international open tender for the producing industrial salt project Ref.: SIS-BID-2016/06-001 1. A., has the concession to develop the Assal Lake in Djibouti, is engaged in salt and its derivative.

This Tender is for the seeking long-term contractor to produce 4,000,000t/year industrial salt in Assal Lake, whose activities include mining, crushing, washing and transportation to the Port of Ghoubet. Name, Address, Telephone Number for contact The Head office of Salt Investment S. HERON, EXT LOT N32, Djibouti Tel.: 253 21 35 24 98; Mobile: 253 77 02 29 39 Email Address: 3. the bidding documents may be purchased by the candidates in writing to the service described above, and subject to the payment of a nonrefundable fee of USD 1000(one thousand us dollars). Offers shall be valid for a period of one hundred and twenty (120) days after the closing date for the submission of tenders. This notice of tender is also available on the website of the chamber of commerce of Djibouti.

Recurrent conflict-related trade disruptions from southern to northern markets in South Sudan encouraged alternative imports from Sudan in the north.

In this issue of the UN Migration Agency Regional Office for East and Horn of Africa bulletin, we reflect on our water and sanitation work in the region.

Somali refugee returnees who opt for voluntary repatriation under the UNHCR programme receive an enhanced return package to support their reintegration and to ensure the sustainability of returns.

In the chapters below are achievements made during the month of February.

Yet for tens of thousands of migrants escaping economic or political distress in Somalia and Ethiopia, Yemen remains a destination of choice, or at least a key transit point en route to the Gulf states.

Updates on achievements Since 8 December 2014, beginning with a pilot return activity that later expanded, UNHCR has assisted Somali refugees returning to Somalia with return and reintegration assistance.

IOM, with support of its partner, has been providing life-saving water and sanitation services to displaced persons, refugees and host communities in the region.

Beware of fraudulent job offers: WFP is aware of fictitious employment offers being circulated via email or originating from online job boards.

The ideal candidate has a strong customer service mindset and a passion for technology and troubleshooting.

Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology (IT) or certifications in related field, as well as Proficiency in Italian and English, are required.

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