Dating older co worker

I know it’s done and over, but for a while I was terrified that I would get fired or feel pressured to leave, if his wife found the texts.I was worried that whenever we talking, people would think we were having an affair, but at the same time, I couldn’t stop interacting with him because it’s a small company and we all work closely together.I couldn’t distract my senior colleagues from their work, but he’d come by my desk a few times a day and chat with me for five minutes.He told me that he was unhappy with his job and hinted that he was unhappy in his marriage.A mid-40s married male colleague in a leadership role was very kind to me, and I felt he really facilitated my integration into the company (e.g.

One day after work, he told me that he wanted to take me to a place, and without giving me any details or letting any of our coworkers know, he asked me to get into my car and follow him in his car.

But he continued to pressure me to send him a photo, and when I stopped responding, he said something to the effect of, “I see that you’re busy and I’ll stop bothering you now.”After that, working in the same office with him was very uncomfortable.

He started asking me a lot of personal questions about dating and relationships, and I stopped going to the gym. Since he was so well-liked, I felt like any tension between us would have reflected badly on me.

We drove to a park, and he told me that we were talking too much at work, and people would suspect that we were having an affair.

And he said that if I wanted to talk to him, we could arrange to meet in a park. He then went away on a business trip/ vacation and while he was gone, he started texting me.

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