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The chairman of SWIFT is Yawar Shah, SWIFT was founded in Brussels in 1973 under the leadership of its inaugural CEO Carl Reuterskiöld (1973–1983) and was supported by 239 banks in fifteen countries.

It started to establish common standards for financial transactions and a shared data processing system and worldwide communications network designed by Logica.

Countries outside of Europe were by default allocated to the Trans-Atlantic zone but could choose to have their messages stored in the European zone.Messages formatted to SWIFT standards can be read by, and processed by, many well-known financial processing systems, whether or not the message traveled over the SWIFT network.SWIFT cooperates with international organizations for defining standards for message format and content.The adopted technology chosen to develop the protocols was XML, where it now provides a wrapper around all messages legacy or contemporary.The communication protocols can be broken down into: SWIFT provides a centralized store-and-forward mechanism, with some transaction management.On behalf of our Elders, Ministers and our entire church family worldwide, welcome to Victory Outreach International. We would be glad to answer any questions you might have.As of 2015, SWIFT linked more than 11,000 financial institutions in more than 200 countries and territories, who were exchanging an average of over 15 million messages per day (compared to an average of 2.4 million daily messages in 1995).SWIFT transports financial messages in a highly secure way but does not hold accounts for its members and does not perform any form of clearing or settlement.SWIFTNet Mail is intended for the secure transfer of sensitive business documents, such as invoices, contracts and signatories, and is designed to replace existing telex and courier services, as well as the transmission of security-sensitive data over the open Internet.Seven financial institutions, including HSBC, First Rand Bank, Clearstream, Dn B NOR, Nedbank, and Standard Bank of South Africa, as well as SWIFT piloted the service.

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