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I took a different data set and created a couple of Pivot Tables in Splunk to find this out.

My first data visualization was which demographic is most likely to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

) From the chart below you can see the recent trends in average spend per person but also (in this case) the total spend, by year, by the US in total on Valentine’s Day.

Looks like 2009/2010 wasn’t a good year for love but in the last couple of years we’re all feeling a bit more romantic.

Finally I looked at how people are using their mobile on Valentine’s Day: It seems the older you get, the less likely you are to use a mobile for anything Valentine’s related but between 18-34 you’re quite likely to buy something on your phone for your loved one.

Matt is also one of Splunk's technical evangelists and communicates Splunk's go to market strategy in the region.

Previously Matt has worked at Cordys, Oracle/BEA, Elata, Broadquay Consulting, i Planet/Sun, Netscape and IBM.

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