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Many are away from home for the first time and getting used to a longer school day.

They generally find the first weeks exhausting and need a good night’s sleep without the distraction of mobile phones.

As global levels of peace continue to deteriorate, it is our hope that TASIS will forever serve as a sanctuary for students from all over the world.

From our excellent Core Knowledge Curriculum in the Elementary School to an International Baccalaureate Diploma Program and more than 15 Advanced Placement courses in the High School, our academic program is designed to challenge all students.

We are proud to employ gifted, passionate teachers who encourage intellectual curiosity and demand the most from their students.

Our Global Service Program transforms lives by providing every student a unique opportunity to connect across borders through comprehensive experiences that build empathy and encourage personal responsibility.

High School students go on life-changing service trips to destinations around the world, including Cambodia, Ethiopia, Kenya, India, Nepal, and Zambia.

Committed to academic excellence, we have made our natural and cultural setting in Europe our classroom since 1956.

The TASIS experience unlocks the unique potential of every student and produces what M.

Located in upmarket Holt in Norfolk, it charges senior boarders £34,000 a year, it has around 800 pupils aged three to 18 and former pupils include actress Olivia Colman, composer Benjamin Britten and the poet W H Auden'We must, of course, always be able to see individuals for who they are, whether they seem to conform to a generalisation or not,' he explained. Robert Bray became Deputy Supreme Commander Europe's NATO forces'We try as a school not to molly coddle our students - to develop the ability to have their opinions challenged through debating societies and other forums.'Giving students opportunities to experience the sorts of tests of spirit and resilience is what we mean when we say that emphasis should be placed on encouraging grit.'I don't think all students should leave school thinking that their one-in-a-million job is going to present itself straight away.

But added: 'It is now well documented that employers have noticed a trend where young people seem ill-prepared for the requirements of the working day, despite boasting an impressive academic education.'I believe it is valuable for educators and governments to be informed about this in order to better prepare or equip young people for work. Notable alumni: Benjamin Britten (left) the English composer, conductor and pianist.

Crist Fleming called "international human beings—men and women who are capable of moving easily in any society and any civilization on the face of the earth."Our many talented artists are inspired by a majestic natural setting and enjoy access to a robust Fine Arts curriculum that includes more than 20 High School classes in Visual Arts, Music, and Drama, ranging from introductory courses in Photography to IB and AP offerings in Theatre, Architecture, and Drawing & Painting.

TASIS is known for attracting educators who are adventurous, driven, and enthusiastic, and more than 70 percent of our faculty hold advanced degrees.

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