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Crist Fleming called "international human beings—men and women who are capable of moving easily in any society and any civilization on the face of the earth."Our many talented artists are inspired by a majestic natural setting and enjoy access to a robust Fine Arts curriculum that includes more than 20 High School classes in Visual Arts, Music, and Drama, ranging from introductory courses in Photography to IB and AP offerings in Theatre, Architecture, and Drawing & Painting.

TASIS is known for attracting educators who are adventurous, driven, and enthusiastic, and more than 70 percent of our faculty hold advanced degrees.

Phil Right said 'Every generation thinks the next one is 'spoilt, molly-coddled and 'entitled.

'How worrying that a head teacher isn't sufficiently aware to realise that such comments are commonplace and worthless.' Founded in 1555 and currently rated in the top 30 independent boarding schools in England, for three years.

He is acting for you while your son is under his care: you would be the first to blame him if you discovered that your son was learning bad habits. Good and fair discipline at school leads naturally to good behaviour at home and you will be quick to appreciate it.

Indeed, the housemaster has one particular advantage over you: he stands at a little distance from his charges and wields an authority you would find it harder to exercise. The real monsters are the masters who don’t care enough to bother.

Located in upmarket Holt in Norfolk, it charges senior boarders £34,000 a year, it has around 800 pupils aged three to 18 and former pupils include actress Olivia Colman, composer Benjamin Britten and the poet W H Auden'We must, of course, always be able to see individuals for who they are, whether they seem to conform to a generalisation or not,' he explained. Robert Bray became Deputy Supreme Commander Europe's NATO forces'We try as a school not to molly coddle our students - to develop the ability to have their opinions challenged through debating societies and other forums.'Giving students opportunities to experience the sorts of tests of spirit and resilience is what we mean when we say that emphasis should be placed on encouraging grit.'I don't think all students should leave school thinking that their one-in-a-million job is going to present itself straight away.

But added: 'It is now well documented that employers have noticed a trend where young people seem ill-prepared for the requirements of the working day, despite boasting an impressive academic education.'I believe it is valuable for educators and governments to be informed about this in order to better prepare or equip young people for work. Notable alumni: Benjamin Britten (left) the English composer, conductor and pianist.

Stephen Spender (right) an English poet, novelist, and essayist passionate about social injustice, inspired by W. Auden'It takes hard work and determination for most of us to secure a job in which we are truly satisfied.'The row spilled over on to social media, with others joining in the heated debate.'They have even been encouraged by governments to believe that they deserve ‘more’ than their parents and grandparents had.'Adding, later in the blog: 'I would encourage young people to be grateful for the work opportunities they are given and to throw themselves into each task and take pride in working to the best of their ability.'But former students were offended by his generalisations, with one penning in reply: 'These assertions left me feeling uncomfortable.'Rebecca Lawrence, who attended Gresham's between 20, before Mr Robb was head teacher, hit back in an article on the blogging site Medium.She said: 'Negative stereotypes of millennials are two a penny and you don't have to look far to find the source.'It's disheartening for anyone to hear, whether it's their head teacher or one they're linked with.'I feel like he's in a Gresham's bubble, maybe children at his school are privileged and so are more entitled but he shouldn't generalise our generation from a few.'Ms Lawrence, 23, added: 'It was quite personal to me, as growing up I had a lot of jobs in restaurants and cafes to finance unpaid internships.' Defending his opinions, head teacher Mr Robb said 'Generalisation is a necessary part of life if we are to be able to discuss trends that seem to be more prevalent among a particular group of people. Auden, the famed English-American poet described as one of the three most influential poets of the 19th century with Yeats and Eliot.Twice a year, all Middle School and High School students take Academic Travel trips that are related to courses of study, particular student interests, or grade levels.Q My son has just started at boarding school and had been texting my wife and myself in the evenings – he says all the boys do the same.Students leave TASIS with a heightened appreciation for the outdoors and an understanding of what it takes to succeed in challenging environments.From its founding in 1956 to her passing in 2009, M.But now his housemaster has emailed to say that he has confiscated the phones from the dorm and will issue them for weekends and emergencies only, as the boys were apparently using them not only to text parents and friends but also to download all manner of material and watch/listen to it half the night.I must say that to some extent I sympathise with the teacher, though I can’t help feeling a little sorry for my son.Many are away from home for the first time and getting used to a longer school day.They generally find the first weeks exhausting and need a good night’s sleep without the distraction of mobile phones.

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