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Getting no replies or not getting the right sort or reply is no reflection on your qualities as a person nor is it the end of the world. Add your comments on this story, using the form below. (Seen in the Wokingham Times 1990ish)Sue, London, UK I recognise a lot of what has been said in this column.This article might have been worthwhile ten years ago, but nowadays it's sadly out-of-date. When I was divorcing (whilst in the Army in the 90s) I tried the lonely hearts columns to meet ladies. All the people I met were as bitter as me about getting divorced! My nirvana was meeting a lady who explained to me how ladies like a man to be, and the perception of the lady - best advice I have had in my life!!Nowadays, personal ads are taking a second place to computer dating websites, where you can write as much as you like about yourself, add pictures, and even get computer matching to help you find what you're looking for. Anon, London My favourite LRB personal ad: "Misery, seeks company." Almost impossible to improve upon. As a result I met my current partner, applied the advice that had been suggested by the good lady, and we have been happily married for 13 years. I think that it does need to be emphasised that using lonely hearts is a sign of either being a predator, or being so low in self esteem that you are unable to socialise normally.Cat, London/UK What do you get when you kiss a guy? The best advice I would recommend is to go out, be happy and smile. It is not a race to 'recommit' if something has gone bad within your life.But if you'd rather begin with the help of someone who knows you quite well, try getting them first to write a brief synopsis of your most appealing qualities.

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Whether we're looking for love, or just a little curious, or idling away the time on a train journey, there's something intriguing about small ads.I then lost her number and only managed to get her number from her friend who had given out her business card to all the blokes in the pub.My friend who I went with though has been a further two times without success!!WLTM man to 45 who doesn't name his genitals after German chancellors.You know who you are and, no, I don't want to meet either Bismarck, Bethmann Hollweg, or Prince Chlodwig zu Hohenlohe-Schillingsfrst, however admirable the independence he gave to secretaries of state may have been. 2102." If you're thinking of placing a small ad, you could do worse than to take a leaf out of the LRB readers' book.Announcing to the world you're single and looking for love is not an easy thing to do and having fun is an important aspect of the dating game. I often get e-mails time-stamped in the early hours of a Sunday morning.Bear in mind, though, there are several important things you need to take into consideration. You can almost hear the glug of a wine bottle being emptied in the background.Roger, London 40, but could pass for 39 in the dark. Tony, London I went Speed dating in August and found love.On occasion a moderatly competant and unselfish lover. But in reality will settle for anyone with low expectations. After speaking to the the loveley Michelle i decided I didn't really like her, but it was only in the pub afterwards that I got talking to her.I heartily recommend having a go at small ads, even if you're just after a laugh.Richard, Crewe, UK This article made me think back a few years when I tried answering a few personal ads and I giggled to myself recalling the surreal but highly amusing time I had, as a newly single woman, meeting men this way.

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