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Medicare Part B denied payment for 88305 stating it is a non-covered charge; Home Health Consolidated billing and payment applies. Our Medicare carrier is telling us we have to send a redetermination, but it's hard to do that when we don't understand the denial! That is a simple question yet I cannot find an answer.

• Physical Therapists • Occupational Therapists • Speech-Language Pathologists • Athletic Trainers • Billing, Coding, and Reimbursement Staff • Administrative Staff • Nurses • Medical Assistants • Any of the above professions in the following settings: • Discuss new Medicare Therapy Cap guidelines • Identify procedure codes for rehabilitation services • Determine the correct usage of procedures and documentation requirements • Discuss CPT and ICD-9 coding for optimal reimbursement • Identify upcoming changes to billing and coding • Explain effective use of modifiers and coding combinations • Discover how place of service affects reimbursement • Illustrate tips and techniques for medical record requirements • Outline what you must know about physician certification requirements Vyne Education (formerly known as Cross Country Education) was formed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals with clinical, skill-based continuing education.

Since 1995, we have been providing training and continuing education to more than a million professionals in the fields of physical and occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, behavioral health, nursing, long-term care, coding and billing, regulatory compliance, dentistry, health information, and healthcare administration.

New codes and reimbursement policy changes have further complicated the claims process for physical and occupational therapists and facility-based rehabilitation providers.

Effective Medicare and insurance billing require a thorough understanding of coding, documentation and billing procedures.

We billed Medicare Part B for a laboratory service, 88305, global billing, as our physician performs and interprets the test in his office and has the appropriate CLIA certification. I was going to post the same question today when I ran across your post. Are the technical and professional components unbundled when the patient is under a home health plan of care?

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I am not sure if an appeal would do any good for our situation because I am not quite sure what I am appealing, because I cannot find the rules and regulations. It is good to know that I am not the only one who is having trouble with this. I have even tried finding a contact at CMS for help but I cannot find that either. (Pennsylvania) There is plenty of information regarding the consolidated billing rules, etc, for beneficiaries under a Part A covered stay in a skilled nursing facility, but I cannot find anything regarding Home Health consolidated billing.In 2015, we became a non-profit organization and changed our name to Vyne Education, allowing us to better serve the growing healthcare community.We are dedicated to the educational growth, improvement, and skill development of students and professionals by providing learning opportunities nationwide; through more than 4,500 live educational events each year, over 1,200 hours of online learning courses, and an extensive catalog of educational products. AARP/Medicare Complete Choice Plan 2 (Regional PPO) United Health Care … January 2016 Quarterly Average Sales Price (ASP) Medicare Part B Drug … October 2015 Medicare Advisory for Part B – Palmetto GBA Oct 16, 2015 … 100-04, Medicare Claims Processing Manual, Chapter 1, §30.3.9 … BCBS Blue Medicare – PFFS (A Medicare Advantage Plan). Implement Operating Rules – Phase III ERA EFT: CORE 360 Uniform Use …Medicare and Medicaid Programs; CY 2016 Home Health Prospective …. Medicare B News – Jurisdiction E – Part B – Noridian Feb 24, 2014 … James Michel, Director, Medicare Research and Reimbursement ….Claim payment guidelines: Empire Medi Blue Dual Advantage (HMO SNP):. Part C (Medicare Advantage, or MA) is a private plan option for beneficiaries …..Provider Manual Pacific Source Medicare Pacific Source Medicare. This practice is referred to as “consolidated billing” …. Download PDF – Medicare Rights Center Aug 31, 2015 …

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