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G, 2nd Virginia Infantry found this child’s portrait on the battlefield of Port Republic, Virginia, between the bodies of a Confederate soldier and a Federal soldier.Each is posed primly on chairs, ringlets cascading past the rouged cheeks of one, the other dressed in a frilly hoop dress. Lee stands in the United States Capitol on August 17, 2017 in Washington, D. A nationwide debate is underway concerning the removal of statues, monuments and historical markers that memorialize the Confederacy. Photo by Pete Marovich/UPI A statue of Confederate General Albert Pike stands in Judiciary Square. Photo by Pete Marovich/UPI A statue of Joseph Wheeler, commander of cavalry for the Confederate Army of Tennessee during the Civil War, stands in Statuary Hall in the United States Capitol on August 17, 2017 in Washington, D. Pike's likeness is the only statue of a Confederate general outside of the Capitol in Washington, D. Critics claim Pike helped start the Ku Klux Klan and the Washington, D. Oversight of the 33 brigades of the Texas State Troops plus the Frontier Regiment fell to this office.This series primarily includes muster rolls, payrolls, rosters, returns, and election returns of approximately 1,500 companies of both Texas State Troops (including Rangers) and the Confederate States Army, stationed in Texas during the Civil War, dating 1861-1865, 1871, 1898, bulk 1861-1865. Roberts commanding, CSA;””Reserved Company, Beat 3, Freestone County, 19th Brigade, Texas Militia”); enlistment data (date, place, and for what period); discharge data (usually pay information, including number of days, rate, and total); description (usually only age, if anything at all); and remarks.Click here to browse the digitized records Please note: Due to limited information within the muster rolls themselves, descriptive information may not list a county or date for the roll.As such, searches of the muster rolls filtered by county or date may not yield all applicable results.

Technical Requirements Since Civil War military rolls are very fragile, the photocopying of rolls may be restricted by their physical condition.Due to the size of the documents, digitized images of the muster rolls may be difficult to read directly in the TDA.To view a document image in greater detail, download a high resolution version by clicking on the download button.Many soldiers carried photographs of loved ones into battle and for the first time, photographic images of war were available — and the Museum of the Confederacy has its own vast collection of images today, many of them identified.But now museum officials are releasing the unidentified images of the two girls, along with six other enigmatic photographs, on the admittedly remote chance someone might recognize a familial resemblance or make a connection to a battlefield where they were found.Please note that not all Confederate military rolls have been digitized.Further description and a complete inventory of Confederate military rolls in our holdings are located in the records’ finding aid.Accession Information Accession number: 2015/065 In 1920, approximately 800 muster rolls and payrolls, dating 1860-1886, were transferred by the Texas Adjutant General’s office to the Texas State Archives.Civil War muster rolls (including rolls for the Frontier Regiment, 1862-1864) were transferred to the Texas State Archives by the Texas Adjutant General’s Department on February 21, 1934.Arrangement These records are arranged numerically. Not all numbers between were assigned; therefore the absence of a given number does not necessarily mean the absence of a military roll.Select rolls that have been determined to be too fragile for retrieval have been omitted from the inventory.

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