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Nothing can ever be 100% secure or safe, but with Global Brigades I can genuinely say they care and take things very seriously.” – Bryan Hemmings, Managing Director, Askari International Security Global Brigades does an annual safety review of all lodging facility partners each year.Lodging facilities provide pillows, bedsheets and towels.I always use a “litmus test” by assessing whether I’d be happy to send my own daughters (late teens early 20’s) on one of their events. I hope I was able to help them improve their processes and procedures, but what was already in place was good, but better still was the culture of safety and security.All the staff were concerned with safety and security and keen to improve.

Nestled in a valley, the rural setting offers views of surrounding mountains and sugar cane farms.During the "Banana Boom" of the late 19th century, Methodists opened churches along Honduras' north coast.Today, you can find predominantly black English speaking congregations in the towns of La Ceiba, Puerto Cortės, and many of those in the Bay Islands.At the end of the Brigade, volunteers will have a chance to address some of the causes for the medical issues seen during the clinics, by building in-home public health infrastructure for families, such as latrines, concrete floors and eco-stoves and assisting in the construction of a community water system.Volunteers work together with their chapter to fundraise for their individual contributions.The first protestant churches in the Bay Islands, as well as Honduras, consisted of English speaking congregations.In the 19th century many of them, as in the United States, were split over the inclusion of blacks in their congregation.Physicians provide patient consults and prescribe treatment for acute illnesses.Students work in triage, shadow physicians, provide education workshops, and help to distribute medicine in the pharmacy.A full explanation of safety precautions and procedures can be found on our “Safety & Insurance” page.“I was asked to review Global Brigades safety and security procedures for their operations in Central America.

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