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znam da je oklop slabiji ovamo, ali za to sto ti pricas (par shermana, 5-6 squadova) treba MNOGO RESURSA!!! Barem mi se tako cini Pokusacu, sve u svemu hvala ti mnogo:) Naravno da treba, ali ti nemoj da alje po sqaud-dva u poetku da ga nervira i malo okrzne a ovamo troi resurse.

Uvek sam voleo rushere, ispucaju se u poetku dok se ja branim i razvijam a posle ih izgazim k'o pijan g*vno!

Use sticky bombs to deal with these annoying armors. Now if you notice on top, there is a bar with points counting down to zero with stars in between them.

Capture the point, and send your engineers to build an MG emplacement to guard the position. The next job is to take the point to the right of the base.

Upgrade your engineers with flamethrowers to deal with any infantries tagging along with the armored assault. Once you capture all 4 points, just focus on defending the points and before you know it, the mission will be over.

:)Skinuo sam Woprl Builder sa patchem 1.3 ali mi nikako ne ide od ruke rad sa njim. Uzgred,svi kau da posetim nekakav Guide na Wikipedi i ja vidim da je tamo sve detaljno opisano. Ja sam neto traio po netu, ali nisam uspio da naem ita to bi mi zvualo primamljivo.

This one can get tricky because it is along the path where the Germans come in for the assault.

Bring some backup, but for the most part a lone rifle squad, ranger or airborne will be sufficient to capture and guard the area, even though having engineers build MG emplacements later doesn't hurt at all. Use your howitzer to bombard the final point to dislodge any silly German troops camping there.

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