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I think this is very interesting and this thread is to cater for that!!

As originally stated, people can share about Dolphin sites doing great, People at Boonex can see what Dolphin sites are doing well and in-turn learn from them.

I was happy to see this thread where users are asking about the sites that have done well ....

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Also (as Nathan has mentioned before) most of the larger site owners don't visit this site.Yes I am very proud of my site and my achievements to-date with it. Am I interested to know about other awesome sites and stories ... What do I mean by 'Successful' ; 1) Sites that have been around longer that one year and is still active online.I am happy to share information's about this with others that may be interested. NO I am not interested in selling whatsoever and I in-fact have intentions to make it stand along side the top Dolphin based websites. 2) Sites that have a large active community and continue to grow daily.3) Sites that have a strong search engine presence and receive large/growing amounts of quality traffic.You cannot judge how well someone is doing by the number of members online !I would hazzard a guess and say you and Tussery are the only two people here who claim to have successful sites. I have proven my network/site success to-date for all to see and I welcome anyone to try and prove me wrong !Others here can learn and be educated from all this that with the right set-up and efforts they to can do very well :) Regards, Josh Ok, I just wanted to make sure you understood that other thread was started by someone who was basically a spammer who was creating a marketing list.Even though the battle with spammers go's on everyday, I also have systems in place which prevent them in their pace.Failing this I have 'Live Moderators' (unpaid) which actively watch over things also.We rank number 1 in the entire world for some keywords for example; 'free social chat' = # 1, #2 in the world. last month I hit 8,000 unique visitors in one day due to particular topics I covered and shared via other networks.We are a very clean social network that is well looked after and watched over.

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