Chrome no longer updating

Just hope that your fully automated updates don't break anything, and you better hope they can be rolled back to a previous version.

The key point of the Chrome OS is that you can store content on the cloud and access it everywhere.

We have a local server to which I was trying to connect - "".

When I first connected, I left off most of the URL, just entering "bowser/admin", which worked (because of sufficiently satisfactory name resolution).

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Then when I reloaded my page, I again got the security error, and noticed the URL address bar had a red flag with https X'd out, and realized maybe Chrome is not saving passwords on insecure https sites.I am little surprised but google chrome is not saving/showing passwords for certain sites (facebook and google to name few).I remember it was saving this earlier but somehow it is not and I am not sure what has caused this. Thanks EDIT - no sites are in the "do not saved password" list and you'll need to click the link to show advanced settings.Other browser that currently still support flash, such as Microsoft Edge, can still access flash content without problem.I have exhausted all available options as shown on the Chrome help page, Use or fix Flash audio & video - Computer - Google Chrome Help , with no progress in fixing the issue.For those of you who don't want to watch it, let me summarize it...Chrome OS is the Google Chrome browser, nothing else special about it.Hello, As of a couple weeks ago, I can still use Chrome to access all flash content without any problem.However, it suddenly stops working, and I cannot pinpoint any particular problem that caused this.However what if you use a website that is'nt ready for the latest version, what if the new version of the browser has issues?Now start applying this logic to an entire operating system, and it's applications.

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