Christian dating in ethiopia

During the honeymoon, the bride is not allowed to go out during the day; she is only allowed to go out after sunset.In Muslim marriages, husbands may have up to four wives and having large numbers of children are traditionally considered to be a sign of status among Muslim communities.Once this has been done the boy's parents then make contact with the prespective bride's parents through a mediator.

In the past they researched back seven generations, but now five generations is acceptable.If the husband of a Muslim woman dies, it is the husband's brother responsibility to look after the wife and the children. Nowadays many men and women, often those, who live in urban areas as opposed to rural communities, do not follow this tradition and do not have arranged marriages but it is important to marry someone the family approves of.- A still colourful page from the book despite the 1600 age of the worlds oldest christian book found in a remote monastry in Ethiopia.The wedding ceremony starts with dances and music and the bride's parents give the groom a dowry, in most case money and cattle.At the end of the ceremony the groom takes his bride to his parents' house.Christian marriages, mainly in Tigray and Amhara regions, are often arranged by the parents of the bride and groom with a great deal of negotiation.According to tradition and culture the bride must be virgin when the marriage takes place.The parents then set a wedding date and they meet all the wedding expenses.The bride and groom first see each other on their wedding day.If someone is ill they are read passages from the book and it is thought to give them strength.Clashes over the forceful conversion of Christian girls to Islam has left 12 people dead in Nigeria’s north-western state of Kaduna.

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