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- At first glance, the website resembles an online yearbook, featuring logos and mascots of more than a dozen Central Florida high schools: Boone, West Orange, Freedom, Dr.

Phillips, Ocoee, Olympia, Lake Howell, Hagerty, Winter Springs, Lake Brantley, Wekiva, Lyman, Osceola and Deland high schools.

Although it's not really a resort more like campgrounds and cabin rentals.

I was very nervous going into it, but became very relaxed because all of the members and people who were there were very friendly and welcoming.

It was very hot so it was very nice and relaxing to be able to sunbathe nude out at the pool.

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Although she said there are no revealing images of her out there, Elaine is worried about other former classmates who have shared nude photos with others, including an old high school friend.

It would look so much nicer if the water was crystal clear; and I get concerned about less that crystal water at public pools. I guess the rockin' head bangin' music is OK at party time but really think some quieter, classical and new age would be classier in the mornings and late evenings. A fitness center with some weight training machines would help keep all those hard bodies looking good :) I would need a fitness center to maintain my workouts if I were to stay longer than a few days.

This was mine and my husbands first time staying at a nudist resort.

"I hope they shut it down," said Elaine's father, who also asked Local 6 to conceal his identity.

"It's upsetting when it's a family member and somebody you love and care about." Although the father does not like the idea of teenagers posting nude photos of their classmates, he is even more concerned about others who might visit the website, such as rapists and pedophiles.

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