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a simple focus on the development of melody instead of sprawling, oddball songwriting, as happens on tracks # 5 to 7 mostly."Carbon Dating" is absolutely, stunningly beautiful, "Run-Away" is a brilliantly goofy power-pop classic with a killer descending melody on the chorus and "The Gift That Keeps Giving" is, well, exactly that.The rest is very good on the whole (I'd expect nothing less from a latter day SFA album) but a few weaker cuts like the languid "Suckers! Por empezar, porque pocas bandas tienen una discografía tan frondosa, pareja y variada como ellos.Introduced as “five songs in one,” it’s the archetypal Super Furry Animals song.

In the band members’ minds, it encompasses the Beach Boys and Brazilian Tropicalia, T-Rex and techno, Steely Dan samples and Welsh lyrics. Unfortunately, the band’s fans aren’t as abundant as their multi-part harmonies. is the band’s eighth album), their fan base has seemingly shrunk; each show I’ve seen them play in Philadelphia has garnered less and less support.

Of the newer songs, “Carbon Dating”, written by keyboardist Cian Ciaran, is the most lovingly crafted.

Responsible for the electronic influences on the group’s earlier albums, “Carbon Dating” finds Ciaran delving into doo-wop for a textural ballad that builds on multi-tracked backing vocals and synthesized strings.

“Golden Retriever” is also missing something: the accompanying video of its titular dog galloping behind the band.

Instead, we’re faced with a darkened stage and the sight of roadies emerging every other song to change guitars.

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