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“Golden Retriever” is also missing something: the accompanying video of its titular dog galloping behind the band.

Instead, we’re faced with a darkened stage and the sight of roadies emerging every other song to change guitars.

The Super Furry Animals have never needed gimmicks to sell themselves.

Sure, the band’s shenanigans add to the attraction, but it’s always been the songs that sold the albums -- not techno-fueled tanks or homemade Power Ranger helmets.

The former is played in the style of obscure Scottish band BMX Bandits.

Whether it’s homage, or a tongue-in-cheek swipe at the C86-sounding group, the Super Furries apply their particular attributes to the song with certain aplomb.

While I do miss the electronic aspect that Ciaran once brought to the band, I also remember complaining a couple of tours ago when they played a 20-minute techno track.

I thought it was a waste of time; that actual songs should have taken its place. They return to the stage after only a minute for an elongated, eight-song encore that includes an unexpected reprisal of the Power Ranger helmet -- Rhys wandering on stage to sing the sumptuous “Slow Life” through its eye.

It appears in the form of a democratic voting device found on their website.

Introduced as “five songs in one,” it’s the archetypal Super Furry Animals song.

Combining their pop, rock, and electronic sensibilities with their eccentric gimmickry (Sir Paul Mc Cartney chomped carrots on the recorded version), the song is succinct, yet sprawling.

If some fans seem to be losing interest, the band members haven’t lost interest in us.

“This is a song about gambling,” states frontman Gruff Rhys, prior to the Beach Boys power-pop of “Show Your Hand”, adding, “Thank you for gambling on us tonight.” Those of us who did take a chance are handsomely rewarded with a strong, 23-song set, encompassing six albums, a few B-Sides, and an obligatory run through “The Man Don’t Give a Fuck”.

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