Can christians dating mormons

“I began to feel like the foundation had just crumbled underneath me,” Lisa says. I also talked to his pastor, while Gary’s family formed a prayer chain on my behalf.

The best way to date someone who’s Mormon is to respect their beliefs and guidelines.Lisa was later recruited by Brigham Young University, which enticed her with a nationally ranked tennis program.But the summer after her high-school graduation, she decided a university in her home state would provide more opportunities to compete, so she enrolled there instead.“Every Mormon boy and girl wants a temple marriage,” Lisa said.“Because that is the only way you can get into the Celestial Kingdom.“For the first time, I began to see how sinful I was and how holy God is.” One summer day, while sitting in her bedroom, the skeptical dam finally broke and Lisa invited Christ into her life. “When your eyes are opened to the depth of your sin and how desperately you need salvation . .” The prayers of many were realized, and God continued to woo her to Himself.After realizing that Christ had not only forgiven her but is also the only Person who could bring her true happiness, Lisa returned home and resolved to tell her parents about her decision to place her faith in Christ alone for eternal life.Having questions about someone's religion and beliefs is completely normal.However, it is important that you take the time to learn about the other person's rules and guidelines when it comes to dating.Mormons believe that men and women possess a divine nature inherited from the “Heavenly Father,” thereby rendering us as “gods in embryonic form.” That is, all of us pre-existed in spirit form and are born into this world with a sinless nature.The Christian doctrine of original sin repudiates this deception: Men and women are born with an innate sinful nature and are in need of divine redemption.

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