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Much better messaging system but messages older than 60 days are deleted.I kept getting my DIA account deactivated so I gave up using it.They may not be cheap but they will get rid of the "New guy" desperation that we all arrive with and, worst case, you will have a couple of numbers of known performers that will return off shift at much reduced rates. I think you will do well with PL especially if you don't over think it and wait until a couple of days before arrival or even once you are actually are in country before making contact.EDSA and Burgos are often treated as a option of last resort but it can be a good tactic to use them. If you're still nervous about whether you will be successful or not there is a lot to be said for grabbing a girl or two from EDSA or Burgos.

Or single living in Phils and therefore needn't worry about covering your tracks?

Are many of you guys in relationships who live in Phils, and actually manage to monger on the side?

It was easy as a single guy, hard if in a relationship methinks. Apologies if you received my message multiple times LOL.

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